Unfurl Specific

See also the built-in Unfurl types.


  • add ‘any’ schema type for properties and attributes definitions

  • ‘additionalProperties’ field in type and template metadata

  • allow metadata field on inputs, outputs, artifacts, and repositories

  • add “sensitive” property and datatype metadata field

  • add “immutable” property metadata field

  • add “environment” keyword to implementation definition

  • add “eval” function

  • add “type” in capability assignment

  • allow workflows to be imported

  • workflow “target” keyword also accepts type names

  • groups can have other groups as members

  • An operation’s operation_host field can also be set to a node template’s name.

  • added OPERATION_HOST as a reserved function keyword.

  • add “discover”, “default”, “dependent”, “virtual”, and “protected” directives

  • add “default_for” keyword to relationship templates

  • add “defaults” section to interface definitions

  • add “types” section to the service template can contain any entity type definition.

  • add “when” keyword to “imports” to allow conditional imports

  • add “decorators” section for rule-based enhancements of node templates

  • add “requirements” section to node_filters

Not yet implemented

The following feature are either not yet implemented or don’t currently conform with the TOSCA 1.3 specification:

  • The get_operation_output function (use resultTemplate instead)

  • “copy” keyword (use the dsl section or merge directives instead)

  • get_artifact function (only implemented for artifacts that are container images)

  • CSAR manifests and archives (implemented but untested)

  • substitution mapping

  • triggers

  • notifications

  • xml schema constraints