imports allow the author of a service template to reuse service template files or parts of them and use predefined types (e.g. from the types.yaml file).


  - file: <file_path>
    repository: <repository_name>
    namespace_prefix: <definition_namespace_prefix>
  - <url>  # short form of import


  - my_yaml_files/example_types.yaml

    type: example.nodes.Server
    type: tosca.nodes.WebServer

In the above example, we import the default types.yaml file provided by TOSCA which contains the tosca.nodes.WebServer Node Types and a custom YAML created for custom OpenStack plugin containing the example.nodes.Server node type.

A few important things to know about importing YAML files:

  • Imported files can be either relative to the service templates’s root directory or be a URL (as seen above).

  • You can use imports within imported files and nest as many imports as you like.

  • An error will be raised if there are cyclic imports (i.e. a file is importing itself or importing a file which is importing the file that imported it, etc..)

  • Import only import the service template’s type definitions, not the topology template or its contents.

See also

For more information, refer to TOSCA Import Section